Converting visitors into clients using online tools

Web traffic is the key to the success of any online business. In order for your business to flourish, it is crucial to have a significant flow of traffic to your website. There are strategies to direct people to your website and generate traffic flow outside business hours.

Some great ways to get traffic to your website 24 hours in a day are SEO, PPC, Ad Swaps, Content Syndication, Guest Blogging, Video Marketing, Forum Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Blog Carnivals, Email Marketing, Paid Reviews, Document & eBook publishing.

To achieve your traffic-generating goal, you need to implement the right services in the right ways. Consider your target market and think about what would motivate them to check out your website.

There are various tools available to help you determine the flow of traffic to your website. [Like what?] It is crucial to know your web traffic flow and site ranking so that you can better understand how efficiently your business is working. There are many online tools that work well in this capacity, telling you who is visiting your site and how they got there. If you use one of these tools, you will be better suited to connect with your visitors, hopefully turning them into clients.

 Significance of Online Tools:

Online tools are very helpful for you to know about your visitors, even outside the business hours. What can online tools do for your business?

  • Track the location of your visitors and know about the links they clicked on to get to you
  • Monitor which sections of your site are getting more attention than other sections
  • Show you which parts of your site your visitors would like more information on. For example, if your visitor is clicking on any product picture you can add some more information and details, and you can allow the image to be modified.
  • Have a live chat with your customers and discuss their interests and demands
  • Receive feedback from your visitors
  • Track what people are saying about you and your online business and web page through search engines and Google alerts
  • Experiment with different versions of your web page to see which one receives the best traffic
  • The crazy egg is very useful to know the exact links which are clicked by your visitors.

Some useful tools are Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, ClickTale, Clark, Survey Monkey, Ethnic and much more. All of these are very efficient to tell you about your visitors and web traffic and help you to track your visitors. Go to and find more about web traffic time of day and the tools to track your traffic.