While the internet could be blamed for the death of many small businesses, it’s important to remember that the internet has a wild and untamed upside—and for a business, that comes in the form of customer service. 

Think about it. When you go online to buy something, you have the ability to shop around, have several browsers open, maybe even read reviews of products, all in the name of finding the best product for you at the best price. 

Your clients are just like you. They want information and good prices, and you can definitely help them with an online booking feature. 

No matter the time of day or location, someone can book a dive through your establishment, say maybe for an upcoming vacation, and not have to worry about fitting it in once they get to their destination. How many times have you been on a trip and not been able to do everything you’ve wanted to? With the option of online booking, potential clients can make their reservations at the exact moment they dream up what they want to do. 

For example, if Jeff in Minneapolis is planning a trip the Keys, he can either go on your website and try to remember who you are and what number to call when he gets there, or he can book his dive right then and there when he’s most excited…and then he surely won’t forget to schedule it once he is on his vacation! 

This client-centered feature ensures you stay booked ahead of time while you are giving your potential clients the great customer service they need to become actual clients.