In a small niche industry like SCUBA, a Software as a Service (SAS) model is the best way to use your time and money wisely when attracting more customers. When you let the technology professionals do the heavy lifting for you, you can concentrate on your own business goals, which are most likely to grow your clientele and offer more services.

 Your money and time are valuable. When looking to bring your business into the technological world, you can spend a lot of resources making that happen, or you can let professionals like us help.

 An SAS model essentially keeps you from worrying about new advances in technology. It’s the concept of moving the systems running your business somewhere outside of your four walls. You have no server you yourself need to maintain, nor the worry about what will happen if you don’t like the software but spent so much money on it, you feel the need to use it. An SAS model, like, the business of keeping up with technology is someone else’s problem; someone that is trained in–and enjoys–computer software programming.

 At, we offer our software to businesses for free because we know the overhead costs can many times be prohibitive for small scuba shops. We charge a service fee to your customers rather than use what’s known in our industry as a purchase model. With a purchase model, the software company needs to sell more packages to maintain their revenue and continue to maintain the software for things like new browsers, devices, etc. Instead of your business using a purchase model, an SAS model keeps money in your pocket and passes along the cost of the computer software company’s services to the customer with a small per-purchase fee.

 Think of it like this: more and more people are buying the $1.99 game app for their phone instead of the $400 game console that will be obsolete in a year or two. With the app, the cost is a fraction of what you’d pay for the entire video game system, and with updates, makes sure you are getting the most recent version of your game all the time. Developers are also constantly improving those game apps with new levels, items, characters so the fun never stops, whereas with a game console, once you have beaten the game, it’s all over.

 The “fun” won’t stop for your SAS software. New features and updates happen all the time, without you needing to purchase another system or upgrade. You have better things to do with your time and money; let us take care of gettingg customers to you through technology.