Move to Stripe Global

We have moved to Stripe Global from Stripe.  This will allow us to split your fees and the booking fees quicker and get you your money faster.  If you have a bank account in one of the stripe global approved countries we can deposit funds directly into your account.

Simpler Refunds

You can now do refunds directly from dive scheduler.  No need to log into the credit card merchant account.  Simply do to your Company portal, under customers.  Select the customer you need to refund.  There will be a list of their bookings.  Select refund and you can refund a full or partial amount of the amount.

Revised Booking Fees

We have updated the booking fee options.  We can now offer booking fee as a flat fee or a percentage of total sale.  This will be determined at the time you sign up with Dive Scheduler based on your charter costs etc.

Edit a Booking

We have added the feature that you can now move a diver from one dive slot to another.  this will be a great feature if you need to combine slots to fill a boat or just move a diver to another charter instead of processing a refund.

Bug Fixes

  • Now there is no limit to the number of sites that can appear in the site selection drop downs.
  • Fixed diver booking history so bookings that were not completed to do show up anymore.
  • Fixed HTML errors on reminder emails