New Features

Shopping Cart

With the new shopping cart users can now book multiple dives in a single credit card transaction.  When your booking your charter you can add rental gear or add on’s, as well as enter coupon codes for each dive.  During this process we maintain what gear needs to be on which charter for which users.  It is a great upgrade to simplify booking for your customers while making managing your dive boat much simpler.

Preview Email Templates

Now under the email templates you can select a template and an email address to be able to test and preview your emails with out having to wait for scheduled emails to go out.

Canceled Single Diver

New Email template that will get sent when you remove a single diver from a charter.  3

Departure Email Reminder Update

Allows each dive opperation to set the number of hours before the departure you want the departure reminder email to go out.  This is great as resorts may want to set the reminder only 1 or 2 hours before departure because everyone is close to dock but local or destination dive opperations may wish the reminders to go out the day before.

Captain Dive Roster Email

In this Release we now send an emaill to the captain assigned to the charter and the Dive Scheduler administrators with the dive roster, Diver contact information, rental gear, add on items needed for the charter.

Reset emails to default

Did you mess up the email templates and want to start over.  No problem now simply select reset to default. and all of the emails will be back to the basic template.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where sometimes customers that paid via coupon or allowed to pay cash were not showing up on bookings or dive roster