Updates – New Features

New Company Dashboard

We have updated the company portal dashboard.  Giving you quick view of the dive roster as well as a bunch of reports including sales revenue and a number of seats booked!  It is a great quick glance to see what is up next and give you tools to grow your business.

Updated Slots View Page

In the Company portal, we have continued to revise the page to make it easier for you and give you the information you want.  We have hidden dives in the past and given you more search features so you can find the slot you want faster.  Do not worry you can still access all of the historical details.

Manual Refunds

We have simplified the manual refunds process.  You can now process a refund for any booking as long as it was processed by credit card even if it was in the past.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug with addon variations not showing correctly

Fixed Coupon Error