Updates – New Features

Company Portal is now fully mobile

we have updated the company portal to make all aspects of the portal usable from a phone or tablet.

New Printable Dive Roster Report

We have created a new Dive Roster report available in the Company Portal.  You can pull up the dive roster on any charter and is now more printer friendly.

Company Portal Customer Search

We have added new search functions int he company portal customer section to make it easier for you to locate a diver, issue refunds move and cancel a booking.

Configuration Options

There is a new configuration options page int he company portal.  In this page, we will be adding additional fields that the company can choose to edit text and other company-level customizations.

User Interface Update

We continue to update the diver interface as we get input to make it more intuitive.   we have made it easier for a diver to make an account and log in.

Bug Fixes

Cache-Control – We have implemented Cache-Control eliminating slow page loads on returning customers.

Refunds – we fixed some reporting errors around refunds.

Booking Confirmation email notification – fixed sales tax bug.