100% Designed For Scuba

Multiple Schedule Options

We know that every dive operator does things different based on their location, clients and conditions.  Because of that we have built multiple scheduling engines to meet the needs of all dive boats.

Set Days

Do all of your trips start and end on the same days? We can easily set your start days and end days based on your schedule.  from 7 day cruises or a mix of trip lengths. 

Overlapping Trips

Does your Liveaboard allow for divers to start on multiple days of the week? No problem we can allow for overlapping trips.  

All Of The Features You Need

Dive Roster

Easily view online or print off your dive roster for every charter or trip. 


Automatically send notifications and alerts to divers and crew. 


Assign Staff to every charter and trip so you know your trip is properly staffed.  


Avoid the long check in process and make sure every diver has requested and paid for their gear in advance. 

Multiple Payment And Discounts Options

We know that every scuba business has differnt payment terms, promotions etc, so we built a flexable sytem to meet your needs. 

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Fully managed credit card payment processing

Tons of Coupon Options

Tons of coupon codes that can automatically expire, or be set to public or private.   

Wholesale Pricing

If you offer discounts to local shops, hotels or travel agents to book?  simply set them as wholesale account. 


If you have large groups or are booking far in advance you can use deposits to get deposit and travk who still owes you money. 


Do you offer group discounts for booking the full boat ot groups.  we can set up your discount rules in the discount engine.

No need to try to force a round peg into a square whole.  Use the One Online booking tool designed for scuba.