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Choose the solution that meets your business needs.

Pay as you go

Do not want to pay a monthly fee?  No problem, a transaction fee only when the trip is booked.  You can pay it or you can have the diver pay it.  It is up to you.  This is great for Dive Businesses that are seasonal or have lower volume.  

Monthly fee

Want to pay a flat monthly fee?  We have that option to meet your needs. This can be a great solution for Dive companies that are consistent year round.  

Online Booking Designed for Divers

Book More Trips

Divers interact with you on their terms ensuring they get the information they want, when they want it, and you’ll book more dives.

Add Revenue With Add-Ons

Divers have the option to easily add equipment, rental gear, or anything you’d like to offer them with their dive.

Increase Repeat Divers

Making the booking process simple – and tracking each divers’ history – will encourage them to keep coming back and drive their loyalty.

Expand Customer Engagement

Our custom-built engine designed exclusively for the dive industry allows divers to visit browse dives and equipment, pay for their experience, and receive confirmation –- all without ever leaving your site.

Dive Opperation Management Built With You In Mind

Dive Roster

Automatically create a a complete roster of all divers with their contact information – simplifying check in and making sure your charter departs on time.

Gear List

Easily track what gear needs to be on your next charter with our automatic tool.   A gear list is included on the dive roster reducing confusion and stress before a dive.

Easy Cancellations and Refunds

In one click you cancel a charter, notify all divers and issue a credit to encourage divers to book another dive.

Crew Scheduling

Make sure every boat has the crew it needs – from captains to dive masters to instructors.  You’ll keep your boats roster accurate and your divers happy.

Created out of the needs of the scuba industry, is the only online booking and management tool suite built by divers exclusively for divers.


Automated Reminders to Divers

maximize your customer experience while avoiding late and no-show divers. Give your divers the information they need to arrive on time and have a great dive with automatic reminders.

Rental Items

Simplify the way you rent gear to your divers.  During booking, guide divers through add-ons, gear, size selection, O2 percentage. Even allow them to buy a t-shirt to remember their trip with you.  Never lose out on rental and add-on revenue opportunities.

Countless Coupon Options

Drive more traffic with discounts and promotions, fill last minute seat openings, and reward your best customers with coupons. Grow your dive boat business and keep your divers coming back to their favorite shop.

Single and Multi Day

Dive Scheduler can help you with all of your trips from 2 tank dive charter, weeked trips and week lond destination trips all on a single calendar.  complete with live availability.

Multiple Scheduling Options

Fixed Schedule

If you have a set rotating schedule that you publish on your site?  No Problem, we can make the calendar reflect your rotation and fit right into your process.

Captain Choice

Are you a destination and divers not care what dive sites they see or the weather on the day of the charter will determine what sites will have good visibility?  We can do that also.

Diver Select Site

If you want you can let the first diver select the dive site for the trip and lock it in for future divers automatically. This can get divers to book out futher in advance to build the trip they want.

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