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Online Dive Management Designed for Diver Industry

Show Availability Online

In today’s world your divers are trying to schedule their SCUBA adventures during all hours.  Divers want to be able to book and schedule their events online from home at anyhour.  If you Can not service your customers at all hours someone will.  

Increase Repeat Divers

Making the booking process simple – and tracking each divers’ history – will encourage them to keep coming back and drive their loyalty.

Give Better Customer Service

Now that you are free’ed up from the phone answeing if you have any openings for this weekend now you can spend more time with the diver that needs your help and has additional questions.

Expand Customer Engagement

Our custom-built engine designed exclusively for the dive industry allows divers to visit browse dives and equipment, pay for their experience, and receive confirmation –- all without ever leaving your site.

Created out of the needs of the scuba industry, is the only online booking and management tool suite built by divers exclusively for divers.

Features Specific to Scuba Industry

The general Online Booking Software just does not meet the needs of the SCUBA business.  We have developed industry specific features to help you grow your dive business

Mixed Boat

If you have multiple passenger types Like Diver / Non Diver or Diver / Snorkeler, Dive Scheduler can have different passenger types and differnt rates

Multiple Bookings

Alow passangers to book multiple charters or trips with a single credit card transaction, helping divers to book multiple trips quickly.

User Accounts

Our software allows divers to create a user account so they can store their personal information and retain additional info like emergancy contact or DAN ID

No need to try to force a round peg into a square whole.  Use the One Online booking tool designed for scuba.  

Multiple Payment And Discounts Options

We know that every scuba business has a differnt paymnet policy.  We built a flexable and robust payment gateway so that we can meet the needs of every dive business.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Fully managed credit card payment processing

Tons of Coupon Options

Tons of coupon codes that can automatically expire, or be set to public or private.   

Wholesale Pricing

If you offer discounts to local shops, hotels or travel agents to book?  simply set them as wholesale account. 


If you have large groups or are booking far in advance you can use deposits to get deposit and track who still owes you money. 


Do you offer group discounts for booking the full boat ot groups.  we can set up your discount rules in the discount engine.  

No need to try to force a round peg into a square whole.  Use the One Online booking tool designed for scuba.  

Our Application is Hosted in AWS

There is no need to worry about uptime.  Compared to a local application that is does divers cannot shop or pay if your shop internet is down, we choose AWS to host our application to ensure you have the BEST uptime in the industry.  

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