Dive Scheduler has a robust credit system.  You can issue and remove credits for a diver at any time.  By default, if you cancel a booking or trip, the system will automatically issue the diver a credit.   However, there are times you may want to manually issue a credit or need to remove a credit from the system.

Here some potential scenarios: A dive shop offers a $100 credit to dive with them on their dive boat with a purchase in the shop.  This could help encourage divers to keep diving or give your boat a try.  Or maybe you offer a diver the opportunity to use a credit in Dive Scheduler based on a purchase in the shop.  Or maybe you put them on another charter and did not get a chance to book it through the system.  The article will show you how to issue and refund credits for scnearios like these.


Step 1: Login into Company Portal at https://Company.divescheduler.com  using your Administrator User and Password  

Step 2: From the company dashboard select "Customers" from the left hand navigation.

Step 3:  Then from the Customer page, find the customer needing the credit adjustment.  You can search by first name, last name or email address in the search box at the top of the page.  Once found, you can select the “Issue Refund” button.

You will get a pop up window where you can issue the credit.  If you want to give the diver a $100 credit to use in the future you would simple enter “100.”  If you want to remove a credit from the system you would enter “-100.”  This will immediatly adjust the customers balance. 


You are all set.  It is that easy!